What is True Spiritual Knowledge?

How do you know whether the knowledge that you are pursuing – is true spiritual knowledge? After all, all belief systems promote some form of knowledge that they claim to be the true spiritual knowledge.

At times, there is a very fine line between ‘religious belief’ and ‘spiritual knowledge’ – however, for a seeker of truth, it is important to understand the difference so that the personal energy may be spent towards gaining true spiritual knowledge and not towards gaining ‘beliefs’ that reduce or reverse spiritual growth.

Here are some fundamental criteria that will help you decide whether the knowledge being imparted is really true spiritual knowledge or simply a socio-religious belief.

  1. True spiritual knowledge will remove the sense of separateness and will make you feel more and more connected with everyone and everything.
  2. It will expand your consciousness to become more inclusive – rather than exclusive.
  3. It will remove anger and hatred towards others.
  4. True spiritual knowledge will fill your heart with unconditional love towards the whole universe.
  5. It will allow you to be more forgiving to yourself.
  6. It will make you more ‘accepting’.
  7. True spiritual knowledge will increase the sense of ’empathy’.
  8. It will ‘simplify’ your life and will reduce dependence upon external objects and emotions for your sense of peace.
  9. True spiritual knowledge will make you feel at peace with yourself as well as with the world.
  10. It will bring a smile not just to your lips – but also to your heart. Your heart will sing in blessing.
  11. True spiritual knowledge will make you ‘self-less’.

These are just a few indicators of the true spiritual knowledge. Any knowledge or belief that takes you away from the ‘one-ness’ and creates a ‘separateness’ – is not true spiritual knowledge.

The ‘love expansion meditation’ is a good meditation if you wish to experience the above truths. You can download the Love Expansion Meditation here –