healing-meditationHow to run Healing Energy like an expert?

Prana, also known as Life Force, runs through all the layers of a person’s being – including physical body, emotional and mental bodies and spiritual body or soul.

Since ancient times, controlling, focusing and running the Prana or life force through the physical body has been an area of interest for people interested in the alternate healing techniques that are not invasive and do not depend on chemicals.

To some, it sounds like a difficult skill that can only be developed by persistent practice over a period of time while others think about getting attuned or initiated into this skill. While there is some truth in all of these methods, it really is not difficult to learn to run the healing energy (life force) within your own body. Just like any other skill that you would like to develop, it requires some guidance and some practice.

The easiest way to run healing energy to any part of your body is to focus on the body part and then breathe into it.

energy-fieldA simple, yet powerful technique has been revealed and made available by a spiritual guru who has been teaching it to a small group of people who could reach him in person. In the world of internet and digital products, this technique can now be shared worldwide.

This guided healing meditation can be done after your yoga routine, when you are in Shavasana (Corpse Pose). Of course, it can also be done at a time convenient to you, independent of your Yoga routine. Simply play the guided meditation audio and follow the simple instructions. I will not be surprised if you learn the technique within a day and are then able to run the healing energy at will.

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Within the set of guided meditations, there is a second guided meditation that will work on the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, making it possible to increase your heart energy to an expanded level that can spread and connect with the whole world. This additional guided meditation will be extremely liked by people who are on the spiritual path, and also by those who are curious and just want to increase their field of energy to connect psychically with their loved ones as well as others that they want to help.

This is where you will find this energy healing technique