How to Meditate (Tips)

How to even begin to meditate? How some preparatory steps and setting the right expectations can help in successful meditation practice? What are the simple yet powerful arrangements that you should make to be able to reap the benefits of meditation?

Here are some tips about how to do meditation –

Be patient

Meditation requires quieting the mind. As a matter of fact, one of the main purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind.  Obviously, if you have a restless mind due to any life reasons, it is going to take some time and effort to quiet it. So, be patient. If you do not get the results  immediately after beginning to meditate, give it some time. You will get there.

Do not give up after a few attempts

Over a period of many years, everyone develops a habit  about how they think.  Meditation is going to change that process and make your brain re-learn new ways of thinking and seeing reality. This change may not be easy as there is an internal resistance to change. Know that this resistance is going to be there when you begin to meditate.  Don’t give up. With patience and persistent effort, you will overcome the resistance and become successful.

 Choose the right way to meditate

Now this one is tricky. How do you know which is the right way for you? You are just beginning and all the experts seem to be promoting their own style of meditation. So, how do you figure out what is the right meditation for you? You can start with a simple meditation that is not too demanding. Guided Meditations can start you off in a good way.

Choose the right time of the day to meditate

This is very important when you are just starting off. Choose the time of the day when you are not pressed for time. If you have to do some errands in a short time after meditation, and that work is stressing you out, it may be a better idea to do the errands first and then sit for meditation.  Even though there may be recommended times of the day for meditation, if they are not convenient to you, it will not work. So, start thinking about the time of the day when you normally would have finished daily chores, and select that time for meditation. If you are very busy during the day, then choose the time just before bed time. If you can find time before dinner, it will be good too. Choose a time of the day, and stick with it. Meditate daily at the same time as much as you can, but if you can not do it at the same time, make sure that you do it anyway. Keep this discipline and surely you will begin to see good results in a few weeks.

 Choose a quiet place to meditate

It is important to choose the right place to meditate. The place should be private enough so that you are not disturbed during your meditation. It should also be environmentally comfortable. No point in stressing about meditation in a chilly or cold room, or a very hot room where the environment itself will make you uncomfortable. You should be physically comfortable and undisturbed when you meditate. If you have sufficient space and you can create a meditation room or corner for your meditation, it will be really great. Make the place your meditation sanctuary, treat it with love and respect. Meditate at this place daily.

 Choose right seating

Best pose for meditation is the lotus pose, but if you can not sit in the lotus pose, then sit crossed legged in a comfortable pose. If even that is not possible, then sit on a chair. Do not sit on a very soft or very hard seat. If you sit on a very soft seat, it will force you to bend your spine. You do not want to do that. If you sit on a very hard seat, it will make you uncomfortable in a few minutes. You do not want to do that as well. Find a seat that is firm and supporting, and allows you to sit in a seated position for the duration of your meditation, without making you  want to move your body due to physical stress.

 Wear comfortable clothes

Do not wear tight belts or straps that restrict blood flow, or make you uncomfortable otherwise. Choose clothes that allow you to relax.

 Keep an interval between food, coffee and meditation

Meditating immediately after a heavy meal will make you drowsy and you will not be able to meditate. Having had a coffee just before meditation will make you too excited to relax and reap the benefits of meditation. Moderation in food is the key.

Best of luck!