The most important things in my life are my family and yoga. I’m a mother to my 3 yr old daughter and a wife to my best friend whom I admire deeply. When I’m not practicing/teaching yoga, I spend my days with my beautiful girl and take advantage of our family time making memories & exploring new ventures.

My very first yoga class was about 13 years ago… a Bikram class on a mother/daughter day…I never thought I’d love it so much. That day changed my life. I continued to practice occasionally for a few years after but when I was about 23 I started to dig deeper into the practice. Over the years I noticed how great my body felt inside & out after only a short time on my mat. I began to discover new things deep inside I didn’t know existed; and of course physically, I started appreciating my body more. It drove me to do better in everything, I was motivated to succeed and feel good. The more consistent yoga became in my routine, the differences & changes (internally & externally) began to surface in a great way. I wanted more all the time and eventually my practice was regularly 3-5 times/wk. Today I maintain a daily practice where I’ve come to balance a personal practice while maintaining practice with other teachers as well.

In many ways yoga has helped me but in a nutshell, it has transformed my life entirely. Becoming certified to teach yoga, my main goal was to share the knowledge that yoga unveiled to me in hopes to pass along that same amazing love for it. Many people go through life seeking more or questioning their direction of purpose…for me, through a regular practice or yoga & meditation, I’m sure every day that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. That absolutely does not mean I have reached the peak point in my life, it just means that I’m presently living, aware and have a consistent direction of moving onward. No matter what, life is good and everything will work itself out the way it should. My first official class taught after certification was about 8 months ago. I feel like it’s a new experience every time I get in front of a class and I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in 5 years!

ciearaF1Although Bikram was my first yoga experience that drew my heart to the practice, I mostly pursued hot, non-bikram classes until I became pregnant with my daughter. I practice/teach non-heated now although I prefer to be as warm as possible as I believe it’s best for the depth/progression of your practice. Hatha/Vinyasa/Power is my current personal & teaching style. My personal practice is a mostly challenging flow with arm balances and inversions. I love the fast-pace feel of a class although I’ve really come to appreciate a slower, gentler flow. Last year I injured myself self in an unsupported headstand due to improper warm-up & cool down. As much as it scared me, I’m so glad it happened. It was a wake-up call to deepen my practice even further and learn my limits. My perspective on yoga, the importance of alignment along with various other aspects of the practice has changed dramatically since then and I’m happy to call myself a much more mindful teacher/student/yogi. I’m able to use my injury story as an example to newer eager yogis to listen as a passenger within our bodies. The importance to stay with your body’s pace, it’s needs rather than your mind’s wants is a perspective I try to communicate very often to my yogis. I try to make my students as comfortable as possible. It’s important that everyone in the class knows that they’re not being judged, that we are all on our own individual journeys and it’s a long-haul of self study which requires plenty of patience, persistence & positivity. When teaching I include as many verbal cues as possible to make the student aware of their body, encouraging mindful movements and to use their listening skills rather than mimicking what they see. I also sprinkle as much philosophy and the 8 limbs of yoga as I can to encourage students to keep coming back, pursuing a deeper practice.

Camakarasana (wild thing/flipdog) is currently my favorite pose. It’s a perspective changer for me where I really come alive and feel so good! Opening my heart to release what’s been trapped or clogged to make room to accept what’s available to me…I find length and depth, I’m inverted yet grounded…It’s a balancing pose and a backbend…it’s sort of a mix of everything that lights my fire in one pose.

I live in Dunedin, Fl. You can contact me here.

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