Jennifer_Yoga_1I am grateful for the opportunity to join the other featured yoginis on TheYogaUniverse. It’s a true gift to share yoga with so many inspiring women!

I started practising yoga in 2001 and began teaching in 2002. I fell in love with Baptiste Power Vinyasa. The practice’s intense focus on synchronizing breath with movement cultivated an inner steadiness that I had never experienced before. As a graduate student as well as in recovery from anorexia, yoga grounded and empowered me. I felt strong, confident, and content.

I taught for 7 years before completing my PhD in English, getting married, starting a career, and having two daughters. With the beautiful gift of motherhood also came a whirlwind of stress, endless exhaustion, depression, and a relapse in my eating disorder. As I frantically tried to balance being the perfect mother, wife, and professional, my yoga practice fell away. Yoga had saved me from relapsing several times over the 18 years before I had children. Without my practice, I felt empty, blank, and unsure if I would ever recover.

With the unwavering support of my husband and family, a strong therapeutic team, and my truest source of inner strength—my yoga practice—I have restored my health. Recovery is an ongoing process, but with these tools in place, I am doing well.

Jennifer_Yoga-2My life has flourished over the past year. I returned to teaching yoga with a new found enthusiasm for its role in my life as a woman and mother. My depression and relapse have inspired me to shift my professional aspirations to nurture my soul’s purpose. This past summer I created Chime, a small business born out of the very best of what I have to offer: my passions and skills. I offer a variety of services devoted to helping others transform their relationship with stress, with yoga and yoga therapy at the heart of my work.

We all have profound experiences from which we can help others and make a difference. Now, stronger, healthier, and committed to resilience, my intention is to harness the full spectrum of my experiences as a yoga teacher, writer, and mother to help people thrive. My ultimate goals in life are to be a positive role model for my daughters and to teach them that anything is possible when we ring true (Chime) with who we are at our core and live with strong intention.