Melanie1FI began my yoga journey back in the early 1970’s when it came to my attention that George Harrison was doing yoga. I walked to the library in my small hometown in Indiana to find one book on the topic. I studied and tried as many poses that I could understand.

Fast forward a few decades later and the yoga boom came to the West, I grabbed every VHS tape I could find on the subject matter. I started actually practicing Ashtanga Yoga in the 1990’s primarily using the tools of Bryan Kest, the irreverent yogi. I used yoga to manage stress and keep myself in shape but had no idea how much yoga was going to influence my life.

After marriage and two kids, I continued my private practice passing the tools along to my daughters. When I lost my orchestra teaching job in the public schools in 2010, I was shocked and stunned. Suddenly, I felt lost with no direction but I still continued my practice. After a few months of relentless searching for work, it dawned on me how wonderful it would be to become a yoga teacher. I enrolled in a year-long intensive teacher training program in the Chicago suburbs and got my teaching certificate. I also continued the next year while picking up classes to teach, and received my Pre/Post Natal Yoga teaching certificate as well. I worked hard and worked everywhere I could to start my yoga career.

Yoga has given me the confidence and peace to forge ahead. I have left an abusive relationship and am now on my own living my dream with zeal for life. I not only teach at local colleges regularly, but I’ve also started my own business, “Yoga In Your Home,” where I travel to the home, business, private party, etc. of my clients spreading the word of moderation and ahimsa (no harm to others AND yourself).

Melanie2FWhenever I feel the weight of the day bearing down, I practice my favorite poses of plough into a shoulder stand, which reverses the blood flow to the brain, revitalizing and energizing me while cleaning out the toxins of negative thinking.

I’m still learning and the learning never stops. That’s why I love yoga. Sure, it’s the fountain of youth and keeps the most valuable asset of the body (the spine) in alignment. But it’s knowing the possibilities are limitless. I can do anything at any time without attachment to the outcome. What a beautiful way to live!


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