MerridithYork2I have been passionate about physical fitness since my early teen years, and I am blessed to have turned that passion into a career as a personal trainer and yoga instructor. Helping people reach their goals, find strength they did not know they had, and, ultimately, feel GOOD about themselves is greatest reward imaginable.

Yoga is one of the best tools to accomplish these things that I have found, and what yoga can do for your mind, body and spirit is something that can be hard to explain to someone until they have personally experienced it. Through yoga, I have helped people become stronger – both mentally and physically. I have taught people to stay focused on what they are trying to accomplish – whether that is on the football field, during a golf game or teaching children in school, to control their anxiety and depression so their demons don’t control them, and keep the “in the moment” state of mind before, during and after a diagnosis of cancer or debilitating injury.  Most importantly I have shared with them the ability to let things go, especially the stress that can be such a source of negativity and  cause us to continually beat ourselves up.

Yoga can change lives, I know this because I have witnessed it happen hundreds of times in my classes alone, and lived it in my own. My journey with yoga started when I was very young, and has become the journey of my life. The mind, body, and spirit connection has given me the strength and focus to get through the most difficult days.  The quiet place inside your mind that you are taught to go to when you meditate has often been my refuge.

MerridithYork1I learned yoga from a Buddhist in an Ashram at age three, and for a long time it was the only way I knew.  To say that I have truly lived a yogic life is not exaggerating, neither is saying that I would be nothing without it. In many ways, yoga has saved my life.

It is difficult for me to pinpoint my favorite yoga pose when asked, just as it would be difficult to tell you which style of yoga I like the best. Truly the answer to that questions lies in how I am feeling when asked. Am I feeling strong and powerful? Chaturanga comes to mind. Am I feeling sore? Downward facing dog. Am I tired? Child’s Pose. Am I feeling mentally drained?  Balancing Half Moon. Am I needing to relax? Savasana. My favorite pose is not a fixed thing, it is an ever changing thing. Just like me. Just like life.

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