About Yoga Mudra: Yoga Mudrasana is a forward bending asana practiced by sitting on the ground. Though this posture is called as “Yoga Mudra”, it is in the category of Asanas only. We can say that Yoga Mudra is an extension of Padmasana (Lotus Posture). It is called as sealed or locked pose because, the abdomen area is locked with the hands, grasping both the feet after assuming Padmasana (Lotus Posture). This asana is also called as the “Seal of Awareness”. The importance of this posture is that it is an extension of Padmasana – the important posture that is practiced for the spiritual awakening. Assuming Padmasana itself makes the body fully relaxed and rejuvenated, with the forward bend posture in Yoga Mudrasana, it becomes more effective.

How to practice Yoga Mudra:

  • Be seated in normal posture with the legs folded
  • Assume Padmasana (lotus posture)
  • Inhale and place the right foot high on the left thigh, right heel closer to the navel
  • Exhale and place the left foot on the right thigh (over the top of the right calf)
  • Try to bring the knees closer to each other
  • Raise and bring the left arm closer to right hip from around your back so as to grasp the left big toe
  • In the same way, bring the right arm from around the back and hold the right big toe
  • Inhale and lift the chest
  • Raise your head and look up
  • Exhale and then bend forward at hips so that your chin touches the floor
  • Remain in this position for around 10 to 15 seconds or for a comfortable duration
  • Slowly inhale and come up, then release the hands and relax

Physical benefits:

  • Tones all the abdominal organs
  • Strengthens the internal body parts for a smooth coordination between each other
  • Burns the excess fat accumulated in the abdominal region
  • Stretches the arms completely
  • Makes the shoulder muscles flexible with the stretching of the arms

Spiritual benefits:

  • Awakens the Kundalini energy believed to be in a dormant state, at the end of the spine
  • Mental awareness and concentration increases
  • Mind gets alert during meditation
  • Memory power increases


  • People suffering with shoulder/arm/leg/knee injury should not try this asana
  • People with back pain or lower back injury should not practice this asana
  • People with neck injury should not practice this asana

Health Benefits:

  • Helps in relieving constipation
  • Stimulates the digestive organs and increases the appetite
  • Bend at the abdominal region stimulates the organs in this region
  • Helps in alleviating gastric and digestive disorders
  • Helps to alleviate the sexual disorders

Tips for beginners:

  • Gain mastery of Padmasana first and then practice Yoga Mudrasana
  • It is good to practice other twisting asanas for easy forward bending

Chakras related with Yoga Mudra:

  • Mooladhara (Root) Chakra
  • Swadhishtana (Sacral) Chakra
  • Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakra