salamba sarvangasana

About Salamba Sarvangasana:

This is one of the very unique asanas in yoga. This is called as “mother of asanas”. Only very few asanas affect the body as a whole. Salamba Sarvangasana is one among them. The name “salamba” means “accompanied by a support”; “sarvanga” means “all the limbs”. (“Sarva” in Sanskrit means all and “anga” means parts or limbs.) This asana benefits all the body parts. This is an inverted asana. The whole body is supported with the hands and shoulders touching the floor. Being an inverted asana, the brain gets positively affected. This asana is a complete stretch for the legs, spine, back, ankles and shoulders. It tones the neck and shoulder muscles with the pressure of the body.

How to practice Salamba Sarvangasana:

  • Lie flat on your back on the floor with legs straight and feet together
  • Place hands on both sides
  • Take few deep breaths
  • Exhale and raise the legs slowly
  • Raise legs vertically, completely, and support the body with hands
  • While supporting the body, elbows should be on the floor
  • Breathe normally in the final position
  • Keep the legs straight as much as possible
  • Body should be bent at shoulder level, with back and legs in a vertical position
  • Remain in the final position for a comfortable duration

Physical benefits:

  • A complete stretch for ankles, knees, thighs and hamstrings
  • Spinal cord is toned because of the straight inverted posture of the body
  • Releases the stiffness of the whole body
  • Build strong shoulders as the body is supported with the help of shoulders
  • Hands gets stronger as the body is supported with hands
  • Stimulates the nervous and entire endocrine system
  • Activates the abdominal organs

Spiritual benefits:

  • Concentration and mental awareness increases
  • Stretch of spine is good for long hours of meditation


  • People with hip/back/leg injury should not try this asana
  • People with neck/shoulder problems should not practice this asana
  • People with high blood pressure should not try this asana

 Health Benefits:

Salamba Sarvangasana helps in:

  • Throat and neck ailments
  • Constipation and digestive disorders
  • Respiratory and breathing ailments

Tips for beginners:

  • It is ideal to practice this asana against a wall in the beginning
  • It is essential to breathe normally while doing this asana
  • Try to practice Sethu Asana or Uttana Padasana to practice the lifting of the body

Chakras related with Salamba Sarvangasana:

  • Vishudhi (throat) Chakra