Ever thought why would a Yoga pose be called ‘Savasana’ – ‘The Corpse Pose’?

Generally, it is thought that this Asana allows the muscles to relax after doing a Yoga routine. Some even recommend doing this Asana before going to bed so that you may get a good sleep.

Both the above reasons are true, but they do not touch the real reason behind Savasana.

As the name suggests, Savasana means ‘The Corpse Pose’. It has much bigger benefits than simple relaxation. When performing Savasana, after having relaxed the muscles, let go of the body. Allow the floor to fully take the weight of the body and let go fully. After all, a corpse is not supposed to perform any action.

Once you have allowed the floor to take your weight fully, continue to breathe gently. After a minute or so of letting go of the body, focus on your thoughts. Simply observe your mind. You will notice that thoughts may be erupting in the mind almost continuously. This is the most important part of the Savasana that should be performed now. Just like a Sava (corpse), let go of all the thoughts and the mental activity.

Practice – practice – practice.

As you continue to observe your mental activity and bring it to as much of a stand-still as possible, your awareness will begin to expand. This is the real reason behind the Savasana – to expand your consciousness and connect with cosmic consciousness.

Yoga is not limited to physical body. It is meant to let you connect with your higher self and lead the way to connect with cosmic consciousness.

All the best.

– H. Chopra