yogini-GitanjaliF1There are some people who find it hard to talk about themselves. I am one of them.

I speak three languages – English, French and Spanish, and generally converse well with others, especially in my Yoga classes, but when it comes to write about myself, the proficiency in languages do not help!

I got introduced to Yoga while in college by a book by Deepak Chopra. I started learning and practicing it during a long stay in India. As it turns out, now I consider Yoga to be my life. I also think it is a great way to stay healthy and young. I love the spiritual warriors who practice Yoga.

I began my practice in 1999 in Punjab in India, and have never looked back. Although I trained in Iyengar Yoga, I practice all forms and styles.

I have been teaching Yoga since 2006 and always keep in mind that every practitioner has personal Yoga needs that must be included in their Yoga routine. I believe Yoga students have a great humble quality and seek a deeper meaning in life.

yogini-GitanjaliF2My own favorite Yoga pose is Trikonasana. It allows me to feel a deep stretch in my whole body and yet it requires balance and strength.

I work for an Indian Yoga School as a teacher and booking agent.  Hence, Travel to India often.



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